An Hour Away

with Jake and hubby during dinner on the day of Ofel's visit

While typhoon Ofel was battering the country as it moved from east to west cutting through the Visayas region, hubby was in Manila preparing for his return flight back home to Cebu.

"How's the weather there?", he texted me.

"It's cloudy and looks like it's going to be rainy the whole day. It's been drizzling on and off and there's a city-wide suspension of classes from preschool up to high school", was pretty much my reply when I got to talk to him.

(Side note: My sons' school is in a different city. They had classes that day. The school dance at the gymnasium proceeded as planned.)

Hubby got home before 6pm and was saying Manila's weather, compared with Cebu's today was a lot worse. I remembered a time when guests from Manila commented: "Bakit maaraw dito sa Cebu, sa Manila ulan ng ulan? (How come it's clear and sunny here in Cebu while there's nonstop rain in Manila?).

This has always amused us and baffled us at the same time. To think that Cebu is just an hour's plane ride away...


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