Such flexibility... My tita/cousin M attempting the wheel pose on the left... And that's me having a wardrobe malfunction while attempting the headstand for the first time.

If there is something significant that happened to me today, it would have to be my first attempt at doing the headstand. I wasn't expecting to be taught that pose on my second session at ashtanga yoga, especially since we were just getting familiar with the sun salutations... But because we had encouraging instructors, we were motivated to try.

The earlier sequence was quite tough I had to keep reminding myself to breath the proper way and to focus on the instructor's calming voice. We tried to transition from one pose to the next as smoothly as we could but my almost 45 year old beginner's body seemed to buckle on every pose. Oooh... And it didn't help that paticipants to this morning's session were my 19 year old son's classmates from high school, 20+ years younger than me! I smiled and said hi after one of them said "Hi Ma'am, you're Matthew's mom no?".

Just great, that made me feel old... LOL


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