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We were constantly checking Twitter and Facebook last night for weather updates, flood alerts or school announcements. We didn't want to unnecessarily subject the eldest son to inconvenience (aka traffic, flooded streets, suspended classes, etc) similar to what happened last time when he flew back to Manila. Another day to wait it out wouldn't hurt, I suppose.

Alas, there was no suspension of classes for DLSU even after the seemingly nonstop rains in Manila over the weekend. Floodwater along Taft has already subsided so by 3am, Matt was up and ready to take the 5am flight to Manila and go back to the place he is sharing with 3 other friends from Cebu.

Though no more extended break for him this time, the silver lining is, there are no classes to make up for (well... so far...) and the Christmas break stays as scheduled - a better deal if you ask me.

our 3 stooges

with the eldest son back at uni, this mascot makes 3


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