Time Travel Series

Back in the day when Lego bricks and Rugrats on tv kept my boys preoccupied...

Matthew, Jake and Kyle
busy... Matt @12, Kyle @8 and Jake @1 --- THEN! :)

Jerry, Jake and Kyle
Matt and Kyle smile for the camera...
Jake looks intently at the tv while clutching an early version of the Nokia cellphone :P

Circa August 2005
Location: Tuscania, Guadalupe, Cebu City


Matt at 19, Kyle at 15 and Jake at 8 --- NOW :D


  1. Post too your pics then and now, you wont see the difference. :) Either that's a compliment or a disturbing observation na mukha ka ng matanda then :)

  2. i will be posting our pics :) the funny ones - in keeping with the theme of this blog. lol


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