A Little Celebration

The end of the 1st half of the year, the start of a new month, payday plus (the highlight of the week) the silver and bronze medals received by our 8yo and 15yo sons a few days ago were the perfect excuse for this extended family to splurge a little extra on food. We chose to have Japanese dinner at SumoSam.

Jerry and I recently discovered the Perfect Match and ordered the steak and chicken combos (for sharing with Pa and Ma) plus ebi tempura with gohan (for Jake) and US beef sizzling plate (for Kyle).

What we like about the perfect match is it comes with either steak or chicken plus a choice of one from the following: ebi teppan, ebi tempura, salmon or fish fingers (we got salmon for both of our combos). A combo is served with house salad, miso soup, California rolls and Japanese fried rice. And that's a complete meal right there for this group. Perfect match indeed for sharing with perfect company!

Part of our steak/salmon combo

Jake's ebi tempura

The extended family celebrating at SumoSam, Ayala Center Cebu


  1. Looks yummy! Will look for SumoSam in my part of town:)

  2. hi monisima! it was sheer satisfaction for us. and the combo only cost us 478 (chicken plus the works) and 578 (steak + the add-ins)


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