The Comic

Of the three boys, our youngest son, Jake, has the propensity to be the comedian in the family. His witty and sometimes, outlandish quips when he butts in adult conversations, leave us in stitches.

Take for example last Sunday's exchange during lunch at my in-laws' place. While Jerry the aunts and I were candidly talking and reminiscing about our two elder sons' (Matt and Kyle) "toddler antics", Jake suddenly asked: "Was I already born that time, Pa?". "No, Jake (because there is a seven-year gap between him and Kyle, who is now 15), you were not born yet", one of my sisters-in-law replied.

We all laughed and I almost choked on my gelatin dessert when I heard him say, "Ooh... riiight... I was still dead that time."


Like I said, he seems to come up with these off-the-wall one-liners at the snap of a finger, without intending to be funny at all. Quite a skill, this boy has. Impeccable timing too.

So... I put together a little collage here of our little comedian...

*the many happy faces of Jake*


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