Breaking The Routine

I have been on sabbatical for almost 2 years. For a stay-at-home mom like me, what I miss, aside from the regular 15-30 salary (*sigh*), would be the times I eat out for lunch with my colleagues. Nowadays, lunch time is good and means sharing home-cooked meals with my folks while waiting for the time I get to pick up my sons from school. Not that I mind, but lunch out for me usually happens on weekends, if possible at all.

Today, a Monday, I had a lunch date with Jerry. From out of nowhere, while getting ready for work, he just popped the invitation. So the rest of the morning, I was happily looking forward to having a special time with hubby while enjoying our food selection.

Come noontime, we chose Cafe Georg at Banilad. And it was a pleasant surprise to find the place packed - on a Monday! I ordered the pork belly roll up and banana yogurt honey shake while Jerry had no-frills US sirloin cheeseburger.

Food was great and time spent was extra special.

at Cafe Georg


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