Because It's Chinese

Last night, Kyle, the 2nd Kuya, could not remember some of the characters in Jake's Chinese review sheet. And because I didn't know a stroke of Chinese, I was totally useless in helping them. Sadly I'm clueless even if my life depended on it.

What was there left to do then? I texted my ever dependable Hubby, who was in Manila, to go online as I would be calling via Skype. He texted back to confirm. As soon as we connected, the Chinese tutorial commenced.

Jake and Jerry during their Chinese tutorial over Skype

And what was I doing while this was going on?


I was holding the iPad steady and taking photos while they talked. Not too useless after all!


  1. hehe, just making use of the next best thing. :D

  2. You guys could have Hangout on Google+ instead.

  3. Thanks Annie! I should check that out. :)


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