Travel On My Mind

The last twenty or so entries I wrote have all been about trips we took in the last two months. And mind you, I have never been this prolific in churning out posts. Traveling does give one the chance: to see places, to spend time with family, to learn or experience new things PLUS to have enough materials and photo opportunities to write about.

I'm glad I sat down and gave time to writing about Hong Kong, Macau, Siargao and its neighboring islands, and Sydney and its awesome attractions while they were still fresh in my mind. Not just by way of pictures, writing about significant events is another way to preserve those moments. Had I waited longer before putting the memories in writing, I would have forgotten some details... easily.

It will be months until the next vacation and I wonder where the next destination will be. I would not mind traveling on a budget as long as the whole experience does not turn out to be miserable. It's the lure of seeing and being in a different place that's making me look forward to the next. Perhaps I could take a business loan from the bank or from kabbage and make a business or something out of this wanderlust. Hmmm. I'm rambling.

Meanwhile, summer is over and this blog will most likely be about another kind of adventure: school.

Where to next?


  1. After traveling so much, it will be interesting to know what your school life is like:)

  2. hi monisima! i'm bracing myself for a different kind of "busy-ness" with the boys now that school has started for them. lol


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