How Was School?

Days 1 and 2 are over and, understandably, I have not seen a lot of assignments yet for my grader. Most of what they did, according to my son, was orientation and dicussion about the discipline plan and introduction of teachers.

For my middle son in HS4, it's a different story. He has been busy with CAT duties as early as last week (a week prior to start of classes) and I worry he has been stretching himself too thin. That, even when his activities do not include academic tasks yet.

As for me, I am taking things in stride, thankyouverymuch. I am sure by next week, they will have more assignments to do and tests to study for. Everything will gain momentum soon and yes, even my driving chores. :)

So far... so good... and still managing adequately up to this point.

crossing my fingers Jake's bags will remain this clean until end of schoolyear... :P

adjusting to early wake time, plus random school pics


  1. Your boys look lovely. They are definitely worth driving to school and organizing your life around their needs:)

  2. thanks monisima! part of my little world revolves around my boys :)


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