Hard to Keep Up

I'm not talking about old age here where the mind wills to do something but the body could not cope. Nope.

It's been the buzz for weeks. And not a few have been speculating about its latest version. And now that it has been released, (oh Apple!) my Macbook Air 11 inch bought only last year, has joined the ranks of "old version" gadgets like my iBook with Tiger OS. *Sigh*

The rate Apple upgrades its stable of shiny stuff is faster than when new styles of designer bags are released. It makes my head spin, but I digress.

So yeah, I'm still the proud owner of last year's version of the MB Air 11, iPad2 and iPhone 4s. To date, 2 have been rendered outdated but I have decided to hold on for now at least, or as long as I'm able to resist the urge or until a good trade-in offer presents itself. LOL.

going up to an Apple store

here with my obsolete iPad2


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