Animal Encounters

On our last day in Sydney, we had enough time to take a ferry ride from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo and back. The ferry schedules were on the dot and we didn't need to worry about being late for our early evening flight back home via Melbourne. The best part is, it was a scenic short ride along the Darling and Sydney Harbours where some of the awesome shots of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge can be taken while on board.

__06 scenery
And all these for a minimal fare...

And because I didn't want to leave Sydney without seeing the koala and kangaroo/wallaby up close, we just had to spend time at the Taronga Zoo.

__05 scenery
view from Taronga Zoo

The zoo was very well laid out and we were so impressed by what we saw: animals and breathtaking views alike. The giraffes' pen had the most awesome location as you could see the Sydney Harbour and cityscape at the background.

__02 giraffe
the giraffes have the best view in the house :)

Of course, we had encounters with the sunbathing 'roo and photos of the sleepy koalas as well.

__01 koala
sleepy koala

__03 kangaroo
up close (kinda)

__04 animals
plus some of the animals we saw

This post rounds up our Sydney trip and (crossing my fingers) I hope to be able to come back, with the rest of the brood next time. And to hit 2 birds with 1 stone, it wouldn't hurt to check New Zealand tours this early for the best package. Who knows? We might be lucky to swing by neighboring New Zealand too and see middle earth as well. :)


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