What Remained of Day 2

Our day was far from over even after all the activities we had (queueing for rides plus all the walking around) at Disneyland. After taking a cab from Hollywood Hotel to a smaller hotel in Kowloon Island where we stayed for 2 nights, we still had enough time and energy to spare and to see the sights at Kowloon/Hong Kong until nightfall.

_day2 around hk1
Around Kowloon

My eldest son and I managed to just slip into a fresh set of clothes before taking the Star Ferry ride to Hong Kong Island. We wanted to see the Victoria Harbour at daytime.

_day2 around hk2

Last stop, and to cap our day, we walked the length of the Avenue of Stars and watched the Symphony of Lights show.

_day2 around hk3

It was a day well spent. We plopped right onto bed the minute we got back to the hotel. We were exhausted after a lot of walking... exhausted... but happy.


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