Not Quite Ready To Go

On our remaining days in Siargao, we opted to stay put and have our own family photoshoot. Our venues were the town plaza which they call "boulevard", Mama Sol's (my maternal aunt) beach house and of course at Junnie's beachfront.

We had several cameras on hand which is why it was more difficult to have everyone in one shot. Luckily, we had Lolong who gladly took our shots at the boulevard. As for the beach, the timer doesn't help much when you have the sand and sea making your run to your post quite a challenge. So we settled by taking turns being the paparazzi.

Here are the choice pics of the bunch:


Pa and Ma, looking good together at 70 and 73 years old :)





And though we were not too keen to go, this post closes our Siargao sojourn for now. We have lots of happy memories, hard and digital copies of great times that will fill our family conversations until our next adventure.


  1. I love the imperfect jump shots, and how Junnie uses one for his FB cover photo. :)

  2. thanks vanj! it was tough jumping all at the same time. lol.


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