Magpupungko - Beach, Tide Pool or Rock Formation?

It's actually all of three.

Magpupungko is in the municipality of Pilar, a good hour's drive from General Luna. There is a P50 entrance fee that is a very small price to pay for a fantastic view of the beach, the rock formations and the tidal or rock pools that appear only during low tide.

Wearing beach shoes is advisable as the area leading to the rock pools is rough. These pools vary in depth and can be as deep as 18 feet. It is safer for kids to stay near the fringes where it is shallow and more suited for wading / swimming. The view under is lovely. It is best to have snorkels and goggles because there are colorful schools of fish and corals similar to what can be seen when diving or snorkeling.

It started cloudy that day with a light drizzle, but as soon as we got to Magpupungko, the weather got better and was a treat. Being there was one of the highlights of our trip. We all had fun swimming and taking in the beauty of the scenery up until the tide began to come in - our cue that it was time for the rock pools to disappear again...

0207 pungko 126_4310
While on the road to Magpupungko, we chanced upon a jeepney on its way to another town. Overcrowded is an understatement for this jeep

0208 pungko 126_4311
Some parts of the road are being improved...

0209 pungko 126_4312
And another jeepney filled to the rafters...

Family pic by the rock pools and the rock formation

With the extended family

Pics do not justify the beauty of the place

0257 pungko DSC06985 2
A closer look at the smiling faces...

0240 pungko 7207985732_c24a4a7d2d_o

0236 pungko DSC06972

0237 pungko DSC06973

0247 pungko 7208011388_27149b87aa_o

0263 pungko 126_4332
The beach when the rock pools disappear during high tide


  1. Magpupungko means "nakapatong". Which best describes the formation of rocks which resemble the shape of a face. Thus the kissing pics :)

    Magpupungko can also mean being able to stand above the lagoon and jump to one's best copy of Greg Louganis.

    Magpupungko lastly can also the way everyone can enjoy the lagoon as you stand on the sides and be safe. the middle of the lagoon can really be very deep.

  2. Glad to see a whole generational family having a great time.


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