Macau Sightseeing

Before bidding Kowloon Island adieu, we had one more breakfast at Cafe de Coral. As usual, the food didn't disappoint and Jerry was the happiest camper of all. LOL. No wonder this is a favorite resto of many. We were filled enough for another day of sightseeing.


After a short cab ride with all our bags in tow, we were at the Cotai Jet terminal, ready for 1.5 hours of ferry ride to Macau.

_day03 cotai

Soon enough, we arrived at our destination. The boys were impressed at the sight of the Venetian bus that we took to the hotel for free. Their eyes glowed even brighter when they stepped inside the Venetian Hotel itself. Seeing them ogle at the sight as first-timers, amused me. The rest of the afternoon was spent on a do-it-yourself tour (via cab rides) of the Temple, Macau Tower, St. Paul ruins and Largo de Senado...

_day03 venetian _day03 venetian2 _day03 a temple _day03 b macau tower _day03 c st paul _day03 d around _day03 e senado2


  1. How much money did you leave behind at the casino LOL.

  2. hahaha! i guess we are part of the casino visitors who did not have to do anything in the casino. :) we felt like we already did after spending for accommodation and meals inside the venetian... :)


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