After Two Years

The last trip out of the country we had as a family was back in 2010 when we visited Singapore during the boys' summer break. In 2011, we opted to stay in town for the summer vacation because we were incomplete. The middle son was away to participate in an immersion trip in Xiamen, China.

This year, because the boys are in one place, we embarked on a short trip out of the country. Luckily, we were able to avail of HSBC's promo that allowed all 5 of us to travel for free (base fare only) via Cathay Pacific and Dragonair. As a bonus, we were able to avail too of the perks of Citibank that gave us lounge access even if we were not traveling on business or first class. Sweet!

Although departure time was delayed for 2 hours and Hong Kong's weather was rainy and gloomy when we arrived, this vacation was destined to become another memorable adventure for us.

_1 airport

day01 a airport DSC06052
Looks like Jake is the most excited of all :)


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