Water Woes

It's summer in the Philippines and here in Cebu where I am, it's perfect beach weather almost all-year round. Since we've been seeing cloudless blue skies for the past how many days it sure makes us long for times we could just laze around soaking in the rays. This weekend could be it...

Summer doesn't come without it's disadvantages though. And our mini garden in the patio is taking the brunt of the summer heat. My potted horse tail turns brown the moment its container dries out. And the small plot of grass we have in front of the house show brown dried out patches on days when it is not watered enough. No wonder our water bill has gone up.

We try to use gray water or recycled water to clean the car, flush the toilet, etc. just to minimize consumption. However, this does very little in saving on cost. It makes me wish we had something like what I saw on the internet that talks about replacing real grass with temecula synthetic turf by Install It Direct. Maybe this would help significantly in reducing expenses. I will check our local home depot or garden suppliers if they have something similar... If there is and it is everything it claims to be, I might get sold to the idea.


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