Pushing Our Weight Around - Week 1

Relenting to the request of my teenage sons to enroll them in a fitness program, my hubby and I decided to join them. We got 1 month unlimited access just to find out if they would be able to sustain it. You see, I was thinking it would just be another flash in the pan and they would eventually get bored with the routine. Also, it would be quite challenging to stay on course while having all kinds of distraction like seeing friends, going on trips, playing online, watching movies etc...

Surprisingly, week 1 was good. We only missed a day to celebrate our 20th anniversary. The rest of the days we were sweating it out on the cardio and toning machines for an hour and a half per visit. When one of us was feeling lazy, there were 3 others who would egg everyone to go. Thankfully, it has worked for us. Plus, it has become a good time to bond with the elder sons.

Truth be told, I'm actually loving this new daily activity. It's something I would like to keep doing with the boys beyond the 1 month access. Whether they like being seen with me in the gym or not, might be a different story though. Ha-ha. For now, on to week 2 of family time and fitness...



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