Earth Hour 2012 - Habagat Annual Bike Ride

After a Greek dinner at Cyma and the short viewing of Ayala's Earth Hour activity, we drove around Cebu City. We chanced upon hundreds of bikers who joined the annual Habagat bike ride that momentarily stalled traffic near the roads of Mabolo, Gorordo and Salinas.

We thought of trailing them until they all converged at the Cebu IT Park.

It was while in Gorordo Avenue that we saw men (including foreigners), women, and kids who were on different sizes of bikes. Some were on skateboards too. There were unicycles, bikes with really small wheels and bikes festooned with LED lights and sound system! What a sight! I guess the event was a big hit especially since people are now more into biking and running for fitness. And judging from the looks of those who joined, they were there for the fun of it too.

Earth Hour 2012 at Ayala Cebu
firedancers at Ayala Center's Earth Hour 2012 Activity

short clip of the firedancers' presentation

Earth Hour 2012 - Habagat Annual Bike Ride
upper left photo: kids on unicyles

Earth Hour 2012 - Habagat Annual Bike Ride
upper left photo: foreigner on a skateboard


  1. I've never seen that many bikes all together on a night ride! -- we weren't able to capture the large group in a pic. :)

  2. yup... sayang. next year maybe :)


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