Savoring the Peace and Quiet

Since summer break started and during times when the 15yo and 8yo sons are together, the frequency of the bickering has noticeably escalated. The scenario would be one where the elder taunts the small one and the latter retaliates against the former or the other way around. "Ma, look at Di-hia (Kyle) oh! He's (***insert mischievous antic here***) me!", Jake would whine. At other times, "Jake, shush, you're too noisy!", Kyle would impatiently snap.

Thus, my usually quiet days (or nights) would be punctuated with quick ear-popping reprimands directed at the bubs. Oh well...

That is why I immediately whip up the camera to take pics (stolen or otherwise) of them when they are all snuggly or cuddlesome around each other... It's only momentary and could change in a heartbeat. :D

Last night...

Jake, Bo and Kyle

This morning...

Jake and Kyle


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