MV Logos Hope

Back in the day, Ma would sometimes bring Junnie and me to Bookmark, Escolta branch, a few blocks away from her place of work. It was a treat for us especially after having behaved well in Ma's office in the morning and having eaten lunch properly at Sunburst.

The smell of newly printed book paper as soon as we entered the bookshop gave us a different kind of "high". Immediately, Junnie would immerse himself in a copy of Guinness Book of World Records or some basketball fact book while I would hop from one Lady Bird book to another, reading about a myriad of titles about insects, scientists or saints.

Fortunately, this love for books, especially in this digital age, quite rubbed off on the next generation. My sons, though in varying degrees of interest, like poring over books as well.

Imagine the boys' excitement to see the floating bookstores MV Doulos and MV Logos Hope when they berthed in Cebu's pier in 2007 and 2012 respectively.

... at MV Doulos in January 2007
MV Doulos MV Logos Hope in January 2012
MV Logos Hope

The age, physical size and looks have changed, but the love for books remains the same.


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