Channeling His Inner Harry Potter

The notice was posted days in advance in my grade 1 son's assignment notebook. Book Character Day, January 31... all grade school students were to come to school in their favorite book character costume.

For some (lame) reason, this OC-mom here had a mental lapse and totally forgot about it until the night before the day itself. Malls were closed and from the only one that was open, we managed to get a piece that was not even close to the look of the real thing. At home, I literally rummaged through everyone's pile of clothes to complete the outfit and resemble the chosen book character.

Here is the "young Harry Potter" look we came up with at the last minute... Please tell me it's not too shabby. Haha!

Jake as Harry Potter
a pair of chopsticks bound together for the wand :D


  1. yay thanks! lol. i didn't post the pic where he was smiling and flashing his "bungi" gums. that would have made him look far from a "harry potter".

  2. agree, way cuter!!! This is Harry Potter when he's with the Dursleys. :)

  3. thanks den! :) that is what we were aiming to achieve. hehehe...


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