Turning a New Leaf

It was a long drawn out plan. When our Pa underwent his quadruple bypass in 2002, Junnie and I, being the elder of 3 siblings, wanted to care for our parents as soon as possible. The plan was for Pa and Ma to start taking it easy given their age, to leave Manila (bid goodbye to pollution and traffic) and to just spend their time (if they so wish) shuttling between Canada and Cebu where my brother and I are based, respectively.

I guess Pa didn't want to do any major changes because he couldn't see himself leaving his brokerage business. It was (and continues to be) his comfort zone. We let him be but not without constantly worrying about them health-wise because of the effects of stress in business aggravated by uncontrolled diet...

So when Pa underwent an angioplasty, another heart procedure, in 2010, we all took it more seriously this time. We started the transition for their move to Cebu. A lot of things have happened from then until now but the short of it is, they're finally here with me.

Today being their first day at home, we took them out for an early dinner. We went around the city to see where the Sinulog festivities were. Our last stop for the night was at Radisson Blu where we shared pizza and watched the fireworks competition that could be seen from the nearby mall. I could tell from Pa and Ma's excited chatter (Ma's more particularly, hehe) that they are actually happy about this new chapter in their lives. Whatever reluctance they had with the move, is no longer apparent (I'd like to believe) so much so that Ma even wants to bring her piano to our home!

It wouldn't be easy getting along especially with our extreme personalities. There would be clashes as usual but for sure the good times would outnumber the bickerings. Crossing my fingers now. Haha!

As I peeked into the other room while they slept soundly and cuddled around each other like newlyweds, I could only think of one thing... what a blessing to be given this precious time to be with them! I wish everyone is given the same with his/her own. :)

a fitting welcome, fireworks to mark a new chapter :)


  1. I love that they love the decision. Soon, May to September of the year will be spent with Gabby in Toronto ha? :)

  2. this post surely hits home, linnor. :)

    i'm glad tito p and tita m are having fun in their new home. please send my regards. :)

  3. junnie, 3rd day na and so far so good! :) sometimes ma tends to bring her old stuff to my house which drives me nuts. ayay! haha!

    come and get the fish that sings "don't worry be happy" na before i bring it to the garage sale. lol

  4. hi tin, it's not easy but i do love to be able to take care of them this time, instead of the other way around. :) will tell them you said hi. :D


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