School: Day 1 Casualty

As a routine, I check Jake's school bag the moment I see him during dismissal. Today as in other days, I made sure he did not forget anything under his desk in his classroom. I looked for his assignment notebook specifically, because yes, he forgets sometimes... :)

I leafed thru his assignment notebook and found the result of his Q3 tests. I was elated when I saw he got good grades. As his immediate reward, he was allowed playtime for extra 20 minutes.

Okay, so his pencils were complete, his books and 10 notebooks too... Except for the food that he wiped out, his lunch bag still had everything in it, thankyouverymuch. The only thing out of the ordinary inside his bag was... his (now) bent METAL ruler. :P

And how is that even possible?



  1. With Jake....anything is possible!

  2. jer, that's why i have to check his stuff before leaving school... forgotten notebook/s, pencil/s, paper/s... hahay... lol


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