Role Reversal

I learned to drive when I was in high school after Pa taught me one summer. He might have gotten tired of me pestering him about it. Yeah, I could be persistent like that. Pretty soon, Pa would let me drive our red hatchback to the grocery store, the church or a relative's house, on weekends. Getting behind the wheel then was exhilarating and felt like new-found freedom.

However, when the mishaps became often... like when I hit a parked Nova, a (parked!) motorcycle, our gate, and when I drove around the small village with the handbrake on... Pa decided to just send me to take formal lessons. Then I learned more about safe driving and road courtesy. Looking back, it's hard to imagine it was almost 30 years ago!

Pa has always owned a stick-shift vehicle. Now that he gets occasional debilitating gout attacks (blame bad diet), he wants to replace his old one with a car with automatic transmission. So yesterday, I invited him to test drive our car and went around IT Park.

30 years after I learned to drive, I find it amusing seeing Pa on the wheel and taking pointers from me. Hehe... I guess life just came full circle.

Role Reversal
"Look to the left, then to the right"... Pa behind the wheel...


  1. Kunyari lang yan di marunong ng A/T. If anyone knows Stick shift, A/T pa kaya.... He is just too good to allow you to feel tinuturuan mo siya. Papa is the best driver of all with numerous quips like "Lahat ng driver gago - ikaw lang ang magaling" so that you feel defensive everytime. And of course his favorite "I'm driving slow, because I want to arrive to my destination quickly" or something like that...

  2. hindi lang sya sanay just like you when you tried my a/t car the first time. gawin mo ba namang clutch ang brake! lol... driving on a/t is actually like "driving for/by dummies" :) naninibago pa siya na walang ginagawa left leg nya but he's loving it. ;)


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