Midnight Surprise

It happened minutes before midnight last January 18. From Toronto to Manila for a meeting, my brother made a 36-hour side trip to Cebu for a short (really really short!) visit. Our parents, who are now staying with my family, didn't have a clue that my brother was arriving that night.

I unlocked their bedroom door and Junnie snuck inside and lay down next to our Ma. She thought it was one of her grandkids so she gave more space but continued to sleep. Pa stood up and wobbly walked to the door and headed for the comfort room. I momentarily blocked his way.

"Ma, sino yan sa tabi nyo? (Ma, who's that next to you?)", I asked to pave the way for the reveal. Both she and Pa squealed upon seeing it was Junnie. LOL. Hilarious!

I love hearing them belly laugh like that! Props to Junnie for making that moment possible.

Straight from a delayed flight, younger brother Junnie with Ma and Pa


  1. Haha, hindi ba napansin ng mom mo na amoy "imported" si Junnie like how balikbayan's luggages smell? :) That was such a nice surprise, you siblings are so sweet! (and conniving, he he)

  2. No prize better than a good surprise! Thanks te Linnor for conniving.

  3. thanks too for squeezing the time! i just love their reaction everytime we pull off something like that :)

  4. hi vangie! amoy tagaytay na si junnie after spending a week prior to the cebu visit. lol! di na amoy imported.

  5. Actually "amoy Airport" after spending 4 hrs (With Stanley) at NAIA. :)

    Thanks for the comments.


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