Backtrack - Why We Passed Up On Travel Plans in 2011

It may not be much to some but for a family like ours who lived for 7.5 years with my in-laws, the next 7.5 years in our condo (a first acquisition back in 2000), and the next 4 years in a townhouse (after selling the condo), moving in to a modest house is surely an upgrade of sorts. Where before we only had 2 bedrooms, a tiny plot of garden and a single car garage, now we have more rooms and storage and slightly bigger spaces to move around and tend.

Here are a few pics during our move-in...

The ritual before we moved in
for luck right before moving in...

What we brought first to our new house
the first items we brought in...

minor finishing touches ongoing

no need for gates in this neighborhood

The kitchen
the kitchen was modified and made slightly bigger than the contractor's design

The floor-to-ceiling storage and view of the dining room from the kitchen
floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in the kitchen area because one could never have enough storage...

The ex-powder room, now toilet and bath
the ex-powder room, now toilet and bath

Maple closers instead of a huge dark piece of fixture in the room
maple-colored closets in the blue room instead of having a huge dark piece of fixture

the living room, dining area, guest/tv room

This was a major project in 2011. And with it came more expenses too - amortizations, real property tax, insurance, maintenance and higher utility costs like power, water, etc. We all consciously remind ourselves to delay gratification and just live within a reasonable level. Not that we are the type to splurge but no outrageous expenses like designer bags, expensive trips or other doodads here for the time being. :)


  1. nice house. congratulations!

  2. thanks nina! :)

  3. happy for you and your family, linnor! congratulations! :) :)

  4. thans julie and tin! happy chinese new year!


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