No Trips So Far

Unlike last year when we visited several foreign destinations, 2011 proved to be a different one for me in terms of travel. This year, Jerry had business trips to Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and (a forthcoming one for) USA, while I stayed put. Save for our short vacation spent locally in another city, I was mostly a homebody.

It was by choice that we had to forego spending for trips. We had a bigger expense to prepare for... worth more than touring the world as a family, if you ask me. Hehe. Like I've mentioned in a previous post, we just moved in to our new home. And nothing beats having a nice cozy place to come home to... at least for me... That's where part of our savings went.

Europe, USA, or neighboring Asian countries could wait... Next year perhaps?


  1. My wife is with you, bahay muna bago lakuatsa.

  2. miss ur blogs.... do you have a new site you blog at?


  3. hi bertN and shery,

    happy new year! thanks for (still) reading my blog. :)


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