Why I Can't Be A Paparazzi

Paparazzi shot of the paparazzi wannabe

When it comes to photography, it's hit-or-miss for me with the point-and-shoot camera and even more so with the dslr. However, no matter what the outcome is, I still am fond of taking photos especially if they're of travels, family, friends and occasions I want to preserve (digitally). Some enthusiasts I know have chosen their particular niche in photography: fashion, food, landscape, nature, celebrity, etc.... I have actually dabbled in some. And where there is amateurish or not so stellar pic after taking the shot, there is "post-processing" to the rescue. Somehow, I still end up with decent looking photos (for my taste) worthy of a space in my Flickr account and in my blog.

One day at Maxim's while enjoying a tall glass of iced mocha at Cafe Au Lait, I chanced upon a celebrity a few meters away from where I was sitting with my family. My immediate reaction was to reach for my point-and-shoot camera, check the settings and take a shot. I had about a few seconds to do just that, and without hesitation, I aimed at her. Click, click, click.

The pics I took were as good as shooting blanks except for one. At best, you could make out a human form in the pic. Sadly, no amount of post-processing could help you identify who this is... Who would even believe I saw Lea Salonga with her daughter that day?

Guess Who?

At Cafe Au Lait
At least I was able to capture the smiles of my fam at Cafe Au Lait. :)


With Matt
Here with Matt


  1. you should have followed her and try another shot.

  2. I wanted to, but she appeared to be in a hurry. Hehehe...


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