Shooting the Breeze at Amici

images in Amici

An afternoon with my good friend is like an afternoon 20+ years ago at the college canteen. We never tire of talking about the good old days as if they were just yesterday. And it's always like that when we meet up.

Now that we have our own families, our conversation would keep shifting from the past to the present. One moment it would be about our family and kids as we marvel at how time just flew by and then only to realize that we used to be my son's age (17 years old) when we first met! That would bring us back to our DLSU years all over again. And the cycle would continue.

I am not exaggerating when I say we would have stayed longer and would have kept shooting the breeze if not for Amici that was already getting ready to close for the day. :)




  1. and @jake had 3 scoops of gelato....hehehe!

  2. good for him! i just had 1 scoop in my afogato. :D


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