Science Discovery Center

Just when we thought we were running out of things to see and do while on a short Manila trip, we remembered about Science Discovery Center at SM Mall of Asia. It's been around since 2007 and has been a favorite venue for school field trips. We thought our young grader, Jake, might like to check it out. And so off we went.

The entrance fee was quite steep, you could buy 1 decent toy for the price of 1 ticket, but we treated it just like any other museum or theme park. We paid for the experience - not the active (aka fun rides etc) but the more educational kind.

The younger kids would enjoy the displays that appealed to the senses (sight, touch, smell etc). Jake enjoyed the "Grossology" exhibit which made learning about burp, barf / vomit, urine and bad smell fun. Haha! We did find it amusing, errr... educational as well! He also had fun having his tete-a-tete with the "interactive" fish, Mr. T, in the Virtual Reef.

As for the older ones, the Gesturetek is something to try. They can interact with and move around the 3D virtual worlds with simple body movements. Also, the planetarium / theater dome would be a treat. It is like traveling to outer space and watching cosmic collisions on a 360-degree screen with digital surround sound. It was truly mesmerizing. The Gesturetek and the Digistar Planetarium made the bang for my buck, so to speak.

Digistar Planetarium

science discovery center
Urine: The Game, Patient's Please, inside the planetarium, Sniff Sniff, inside Gesturetek's virtual world, Jake as Generator Rex, inside the Virtual Reef, playing virtual volleyball, earthquake simulator, and flight simulator


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