Of Travels, Troubles, Uteri and Mammaries

Such was the range of topics we chatted about. Being friends from way back (since grade/high school), our evening together would always be a session of "no-holds-barred" chatter, usually picking up from where we last left off. The last time we all gathered in one place was December 2010 during our high school silver jubilee held at DLS-Zobel's gym in Alabang. And things have happened since then.... so...

We tried to take turns but we could hardly keep up, each one trying to catch her breath while recounting significant (as well as insignificant. ha-ha!) events... Picture all six of us (and we're not even the complete group!) blabbing excitedly and laughing almost at the same time... Tsk, such a raucus! Never a dull moment there.

I have to give it to my Manila friends to pull an instant get-together each time I happen to be in town... health concerns and tight travel schedules notwithstanding. Having them around always makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over...

...just like when we were schoolgirls.

All giggly at Starbucks, Madrigal (Ayala Alabang)


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