Manila Ocean Park: Dancing Jellyfish


The Dancing Jellyfish exhibit wasn't there yet on our first visit to Manila Ocean Park when they opened a few years back. During our short Manila trip, we were on the prowl for new sights to see / things to do that we and the kids might enjoy and this was one of them.

The exhibit costs P150/person and can be viewed within 15 minutes... or more, depending on how impressed you are. Mirrors are cleverly used to give the illusion of space. And with classical music playing on a loop, the jellyfish looked like they were indeed gracefully swaying to the tune of Pachelbel. The changing colors of the neon lights illuminating the tanks made the display even more magical.

I could gaze at these sea creatures floating about inside their tanks for a long time. For me, it's kinda calming. In the beach, these jellyfish are poisonous and could sting unsuspecting swimmers. Here, they are dreamy dancing sea fairies.

Dancing Jellyfish

Dancing Jellyfish



  1. These are good attractions to visit when in the city.


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