Kaos at Resorts World

There were no grand plans while we were in Manila for the Holy Week. The family stayed put and spent the Lenten holidays with the kids' maternal grannies (my folks). However, on Easter Sunday, we went to catch the much talked about Kaos, a musical spectacle with the Manila Symphony Orchestra, at Resorts World.

We have been to Resorts World a few weeks after it first opened and the place was not yet fully operational then. This time, on our second visit, we found that it is now teeming with restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. A lot of people were there not just for the casino but also because of the boutiques, the dining places and the theaters. It was no surprise to see a lot of families with kids in tow. Resorts World is an option for those who have gotten tired of the other malls. :)

While we got the balcony tickets for the adults to see Kaos, Matt (to his dismay :P) had to accompany the 2 younger kids (Jake and Zia) to see Gnomeo and Juliet on 3D. It was a good thing Pa and Ma had their senior citizens' ID, we were able to avail of the discounted tickets. Also, since I paid using Visa, Jerry and I were given discounts as well. Not bad. The balcony seats we got were right smack in the middle and at the right level that we didn't have to strain our eyes or necks to have a good view of the show.

Kaos was astounding! I was almost tempted to take a video of the colorful spectacle before us. The stunts and acts were amazing, the orchestra played beautifully and the actors sang well. In my opinion, it is quite comparable to Cirque Du Soleil's Zaia which we saw in The Venetian Hotel last year. Hard to believe we have this kind of show here in Manila so if you haven't seen it yet, Kaos will run for 6 months starting December 1, 2010.

Click here for the show schedules and ticket prices.

@ Resorts World after seeing Kaos... This place is reminiscent of Largo De Senado in Macau.

Jake and cousin Zia had McDonald's while the big people had Greek food at Cafe Mediterranean

Happy senior citizens, Ma and Pa... As a bonus, Pa won P4,000 at the casino that day.

grannies and grandkids

Jake wasn't getting along with Zia here. Hehehe...

Jake and Zia by the fountain...


  1. I was pleasantly surprised at how RW Manila turned out; like a mini RW Sentosa....Had fun at Kaos too!

  2. What a fun loving family. Really nice to see that in the photos

  3. My winning that night was just a drop in the bucket! Not even enough for fine dining at RW!

    And do you know that LIFE itself is a GAMBLE?

    I gambled myself in 1966 and won your Mom in marriage. Other winning includes not only 3 good looking kids but bright, clever and well-behaved children as well with 6 handsome and pretty grandkids on the side! What beautiful blessings indeed! To God be the glory!

  4. hi jerry! now we have a new place to go to if we're in town. :)

    hi kim! thanks!

    hi paparazzi! you've hit the jackpot many times over! lol!


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