His Own Man

In less than 24 hours, eldest son is flying back to Manila for yet another trimester on his second year in the university. Although not as worrisome for me this time around compared with last year's episode of anxiety attack which lead me to palpitate and be subjected to 24-hours of holter monitoring, I'm now a bit more conditioned (I think... I hope...) and ready to be momentarily separated from him.

What makes me somewhat at ease is the thought that he has shown positive traits he wouldn't have easily learned if he were in Cebu conveniently enjoying the comforts of home and having nannies at his beck and call. Because Jerry and I bit the bullet and sent him off on his own, he has definitely become an independent young man who learned his responsibilities from experience, from the mundane task of keeping his shared condo and personal stuff clean and orderly to the more challenging task of managing his meager monthly allowance, plus grown up stuff he has to deal with on top of maintaining good grades.

Tomorrow, when I send him off, my thoughts won't dwell much on being worried that he'd be away (again), because I know (and I pray) he could take care of himself. Sure, I would miss him badly, but I would be more excited looking forward to his next homecoming.

Matthew, posing as if to say: "Who's hotter?" :)


  1. Amen to "Who's hotter?" :))

    Kyle, (my crush) is still in China?

  2. Amen to "Who's hotter?"

    Miss your post about my crush, Kyle.hihi When he'll be arrived fr. China? :))

  3. hi les! hehehe... kyle just got back last week. posts about him to follow soon. ;)


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