Have You Tried Coupon or Voucher Hunting Lately?

It's not entirely a new thing. Wikipedia says "Coupons first saw widespread use in the United States in 1909". These days, there is a proliferation of companies that sell coupons or vouchers, that entitle the buyer to discounts. Examples are Ensogo, Deal Grocer, Metro Deal, Cash Cash Pinoy, Crazy Deals etc. (This is not a sponsored or paid post, btw).

It's the new marketing medium now as these vouchers market stuff that you normally would patronize. Good for people (like me) who love eating out when schedules or funds permit. Like fish to water, I naturally signed up for these and now get daily email notification about discounted stuff.

I watch out for discounts from restaurants, resorts, and hotels. However, before I buy, I do a bit of research to see if the discounts are the real deal. Some establishments would package an offer like it's value for money when in fact, it's their regular price.

During our recent stay in Manila, we were able to use pre-purchased vouchers from 2 providers: Deal Grocer vouchers which entitled us to 50% discount for a 4-course dinner for 2 at Ilustrado (used 2 for our party of 6), and Ensogo vouchers for Italian lunch at Il Ponticello and Chinese dinner at Henry's Place on Burgos Circle. Both restos gave us to 50% discount as well. Not bad for a peso-pinching Mom like me. It's like happy-hour at Starbucks where they give you 50% off from 12-2pm for a week (which I missed because I preferred to have my frap for free using HSBC's promo... but I digress).

And I just read that Ensogo has introduced Cebu deals just recently. I hope the other companies would soon follow. The more (discounts) the merrier.

henrys place
Henry's Place by Good Earth

il ponticello
Il Ponticello

*Thumbs-up for the food and service at Henry's Place and Il Ponticello.


  1. I totally love the food....I just need to figure out a more efficient way to burn them off! Hahaha!

  2. that is so cool... and food looks yummy...

  3. Yes Jo, the food was yummy but on the pricey side. Good we had vouchers.

    BTW, I've read of horror stories about using vouchers / coupons in some salons/spas and I'm glad we didn't have any of the bad experience some had. :)


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