From the Same Mold

In a gathering of relatives, it is common to hear greetings accompanied by: "Ang taba / payat mo ngayon!" ("You look fat / thin"). It is such a prevalent practice especially coming from the elder generation that I fear (but I hope not) it has become part of our Pinoy culture. Sometimes I would nudge my mother after she had remarked something like that. To which she would tell me later on, "I meant that as a compliment!". Probably... but to the recipient of such a comment, it might come off negatively.


Fortunately, I didn't hear any of that when we went to attend a wake for Jerry's maternal uncle. After the customary (re)introduction of our boys, the aunts would say "He is tall / big / handsome!" (said in Fookien which Jerry promptly translated for me). That certainly had a good ring to my ears. There was one comment though that stood out, not because it was negative, but because it was amusing.

Jerry's aunt, upon seeing 7yo Jake, squealed: "Hey look! Jake is like his Papa Jerry when he was that age!" Haha! That was cute. I guess she said it several times as she stared at my boy smilingly. Really? And I've always thought Jake had rounded eyes like mine! Hmmm...

Now it's like when I look at my son, I get a visual of how my hubby looked like back then. And I would tease Jake about it just to humor myself. As a response, he would wrinkle his nose and give me a naughty grin which is very...uhh... Jerry...


Jerry and Jake
Who's copying who?

Jerry and Jake
Son teaches Pa some tricks for Angry Birds. LOL


  1. Hahaha! This is really funny....first, is my attire - I seemed to have outgrown my pants, but I swear that was a new pair. Made to order pa! second, is the ear! hahaha! same "long life" ears (i hope!) third, is the hair...hahaha! time does fly, but this is like "back to the future" :D

  2. lol! sometimes i still entertain the thought that our boys somehow look like me. :P


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