Cafe Mediterranean, Resorts World

Food pics:

Hummus - classic garbanzo and sesame dip

cafe mediterranean, resorts world

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet - cream dory fillets crusted with parmesan cheese lightly fried in olive oil served with rice or pita

cafe mediterranean, resorts world

Moussaka - classic Greek dish, layered eggplant, ground meat and bechamel sauce

cafe mediterranean, resorts world

Grilled Beef Gyro Plate

cafe mediterranean, resorts world

* Food description came from here.


  1. The food I ate at Mideterranean Resto was really so Greek to me.I don't understand its taste. Masyadong "binalanjud" na preparation.

    I still prefer Pinoy na luto which I usually eat them with obvious relish!

  2. hahaha!!!! at least you could say you were able to try mediterranean cuisine.


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