My Affair With Alex

rocas in cebu

This image was taken using the Galaxy Tab, uploaded to and edited using Picnik, and posted using Blogger. The Tab was borrowed from my sister, who is presently in Cebu. This gave me the chance to have first hand experience on the Tab's functionalities... at least those that I'm familiar with.

Because I am a newbie when it comes to using Android, it's no surprise that it took me more than an hour and a half to post this. U-huh! That's from taking the pic, cropping the image a bit and up to writing / publishing this post.

Being a Mac and iPhone user for quite some time now mostly because of my job, I can't seem to bring myself to use any other non-Apple product. Thus, my short foray to Android tested my wits. A simple task such as creating a post with an image, I found my learning curve was veering towards "steep". LOL. I don't know about you but this really needs a lot of getting used to. :P

I guess I'll forego the urge to get a Tab or even an iPad, until I come across something that will really blow me away. Right now, I'm more inclined to replace my 13-inch Air with the 11-inch version... if budget permits. :)

That's my short take on Android. It turns out that Alex is safer in my sister's hands.

Alex = name of my sister's Samsung Galaxy Tab.


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