I Got My Hand Dirty Today

I remember my mother enrolling my brother, Junnie, in a Chinese calligraphy/art class with my cousin Bingo one summer many many years ago. I so wanted to join them but for reasons that were unclear to me, I wasn't able to. My brother's drawings and painting materials fascinated me so much. And everytime he came home from art class, I would borrow his brushes and bottles of paint and copied his art work. I"m not sure if Junnie enjoyed drawing the four seasons, cherry blossoms or exotic birds, which are staples in Chinese artwork, but I did. :)

After breakfast last Sunday, I took hold of Jake's sketch pad and #1 and #2 pencils and started drawing while using one of the pics in my iPhone folder as my inspiration. I think I put in about an hour of work that time and resumed the sketch just this morning until I finished.

Sans any formal drawing lessons, the image I did could very well look strange or resemble somebody you or I know, but I actually want it to look like the picture of my Jake sipping fresh young coconut juice.



  1. the important aspect in a human face are the eyes and you captured Jake's. Good job.

    I enjoyed my painting class when we were 11-12 yrs old, would've enjoyed it more if you were with us. I think you were 13 then and had more interest in other things...but I was sure you had the gift.

  2. thank you kim! i might just do another one :)

    hi junnie! thanks! i really got my hands dirty doing a lot of shading as much erasures around that area. lol! looking back, i think i wasn't allowed to join because it was paid for by mama sol. mama thought it was good bonding for you and bingo and she didn't want to burden mama sol with additional expense. :) hehehe...


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