A DIY Book

Being a user of an online scrapbooking site that was recently acquired by another, I received a special offer from the new site last Feb/Mar. I tried to avail of the discounted photo book offer and proceeded to link my Flickr images and to do the layout. The process was quite tedious for me, not because of the site, but because I had a lot of images to choose from. You know how hard it is to pick only a few from a huge (digital) pile, right? That was where I spent more time on, than on deciding how to lay them out on pages.

Quite self-indulgent alright... but I thought I should do a picture book to review the year 2010. This approach gave me a more systematic way to design the project. Now after picking the images, it was just a matter of choosing the templates for the pages. In no time, my book was completed. Delivery took more than a month as I opted for the cheapest mode of delivery, but this didn't matter. The books (yes, I got 2 for the price of 1) were exactly as I imagined them to be... really cool!


You may click here to see the contents of the book.


  1. Wonderful memories of a happy, beautiful family! Very well done Linnor!

  2. thanks :) i plan to do another one and i hope to get another special discount. hehehe....


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