Art Attack

Since vacation started, I was on the lookout for summer activities for our youngest boy to keep his computer, game console and tv time to a minimum. We have tried learning to bike (still ongoing, he prefers to use his scooter though), sketching / drawing (using various color media - crayons, water color, colored pencils, etc.), solving Math problems (seriously! i bought him an activity book for this one!)...

Sometimes, he reads books. His favorite is Manga Messiah which his Tito Junnie gave. I think he has read it more than once and it's very apt for the Holy Week. :)

At other times, he plays with his Lego pieces, wooden Jenga bricks, miniature cars or plastic, pose-able figures. Pretend-play makes him more imaginative. It's like he's in a different world all his own.

My "mission" now is to keep thinking of things for him to do just to wean him from computer, PSP or iPhone gaming. Anything, as long as it's non-electronic... Hehe... And it's not easy to keep his enthusiasm high. Before you know it, he's off to do something else.

This afternoon, something piqued his curiosity. He requested us to make him stay at Toys@Work (at BTC) so that he could try out a new kind of (art) activity. He spent at least an hour making his project while Jerry helped and I took pictures. It didn't come without cost though. For a plate, we spent P200, but I'd take that over electronic gaming gizmos, anytime.


Busy Jake with Jerry who just arrived from an official trip today.


  1. Wait till he discovers that the opposite sex is a quarry of joy and heartaches.

  2. Am happy that my favorite grandkid, Jake, is making himself too BUSY this early!

    Least you forget that one's BUSYNESS makes the devil unhappy. Yes? Let us always remember that no time, no place is free from temptations. We can never be free from them. Consider this--Every one temptation is over, along comes asother. And the devil never sleeps because his ultimate mission is our spiritual destruction.

    This continual tugging, inside of us and outside of us, toward Jesus and away from Him, this it is that makes life a daily warfare.

    Ergo, let us keep ourselves BUSY with things worth doing. Amen?

    End of homily.

  3. wow super serious naman ng comment ni papa.

    im also pro active play for my kids than just watching tv or playing video games.

    when zia was here in sg, i dont buy her coloring books instead i buy her activity books in math and english. good thing she enjoys it too. that makes her busy while i work. now in manila, i don't know how she spends most of her time.

    fyi im going home to stay for long a few months from now. ma said she's becoming a brat without me. hay!


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