The days go by ever so slowly when you are waiting for someone or something. If not for the short trip of my sister May and her kids in Cebu, the week would have been long and uneventful for Jake and me.

In our party of five, Jake and I were the only ones at home. Hubby was in HK since Tuesday for a business trip and will be arriving in Cebu in a few hours, eldest son is still in Manila for his finals week in DLSU and middle son is in China for his immersion in Mandarin.

Whether I like it or not, I have to start getting used to not having everybody in one place... Luckily for me, I still have the seven year old Jake to keep me company. And I take every bit of opportunity to enjoy this time with him, before he goes off on his own.

*Sigh* (Mommy blues mode on.)

Missing our Kyle who is in China until May

The brood
Longing for everyone to be here and for a complete family pic again


  1. We do miss our families as they start to go their own way...Hoping for reunions

  2. yes kim. :) excited for the time we'll get together again.

  3. On second thought, I hope that the "waiting is not as tormenting as torment itself"!

    More about WAITING, you better brace yourself for our arrival (your Mamarazzi, Zia, Ziggy and me) to Cebu for good--hoping that this would a bit lessen the "torment(?)"!


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