Pink Flamingo?

That was the character played by my preschooler for their Disney musicale. My initial reaction was: "WHAT? Of all animals, a flamingo?" but I chose to just keep quiet. He said his friend Federico would also play the same character. So after seeing how excited he was about the whole activity, I let him be.

Instead of the required tights and leotards as their costume, I chose to buy him a black long sleeved Speedo sun top which he could use to the beach later on. Yes, I'm quite stubborn like that. The mom of his friend, Federico, also decided to ditch the leotards and bought the same sun top. :) Now they look almost identical onstage. Hehe.

Except for 1 day he was absent and 1 time he was late, I dutifully drove him to and from school for the daily practices while bringing with me his lunch. Yes the practices lasted the entire day. And I had magazines with me so I could kill time as I waited. Fuel price is P59/liter here and I dare not waste it by driving to and fro unnecessarily. I thank my lucky stars I don't have work and my schedule was wide open to do all the waiting. But I digress...

After the week-long practices, it was finally showtime!

The flamingo ensemble didn't look too shabby though...

The whole cast... Aren't they all cute?
Jake is the one wearing black on the right.

Jake on the left with his white undershirt peeking out. He seemed to be having fun.

He actually HAD fun!

We chose the nearest reserved seats we could find so we could take a good video and shot of Jake. From where we sat, we could see how full of energy he was as he danced and followed the formation onstage. No sign of squeamishness to the pink he was wearing. The two flamingos actually blended nicely with the other animals. Haha!

It was one of my proudest moments. The kids and teachers who participated in the presentation were simply amazing. All the preparation was so worth it!

I guess I just needed to lighten up and put to heart the very song they sang and danced to, that day: "Hakuna, Matata", a Swahili phrase which means: "There are no worries."

Ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!


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