Everything Happens For a Reason

This month is going to end very soon and I would say it's both good and bad. First week, I closed a deal enough to pay arrears. I was so happy.

Second week, I was surprised to get an sms from the agent of the owner of the house which said our former housemate who left us last Dec (breached the contract of 2yrs) called the govt housing board and reported that we're doing illegal subletting just to force us to shell out our own money to refund him his deposit which is with the owner when we moved in. We already told him to wait until the contract ends because that's the only time the owner will give us back the deposit but he refused to understand. Hence, the owner was alarmed because it may cause her to lose the house or she may not be allowed to rent it out again. Before she made a decsion to evict us, we just told her that we're moving out. It only took us a week to raise the money, pack our things, arrange for movers and prepare the new place.

Moving out is not easy because thru the years, we have accumulated a lot of stuff. It was good that my other housemates helped us.If you wanna know what happened to that stupid guy, he didnt get his deposit and he resigned from work (scared for his life I guess because all my housemates even my husband work in the same building). He went back to his old company. It's a blessing in disguise because we are now in a better and bigger place. We can swim, go to the gym, cook bbq, etc.

This week, while all news on tv talk about Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and radiation scare, I was mostly affected when I heard that my close friend's mom died this afternoon after suffering from a stroke. I wish I was there to console her. May God give them strength.

I believe everything happens for a reason and life will be boring without problems so we just learn from it and move on.
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  1. I am glad to read that you like your hew place, it is hard to move. Sorry about your friend, yes life will be boring again...

  2. Thanks,Kim. Lifting everything to Him. :)

  3. Hi Ate May.. I just learned about your blog. I was browsing on your sister's blog.

    This I guess will be a way for me to know you better.

    Yes, moving out isn't easy at all. I've always not liked moving out. I guess we've moved more than 5 times as a family and another 5 times and more as an individual. haha

    But things happen for a reason. And I am thankful that for the past 3 years, the family has no longer moved out. haha And I have moved back with them. LOL!


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