Cried Self to Sleep

by Linnor

My afternoon routine with Jake is for me to put him to sleep. That is around 130pm right after lunch and a short tv time with him. Usually he would sleep for an hour or two while I do some chores or paperwork. Lately he would find it hard to sleep at night even late at 10pm. Perhaps it's the afternoon nap that is causing him to be extra alert even way past his bedtime.

There were a few times I ended up sleeping ahead while he tugged at me and begged me to stay up with him. I would force myself to wake up and I would pat or rub his back to lull him, but there were times when I would literally just struggle to keep my eyes open.

The other night, I fell asleep ahead of him because I stayed up late after a business meeting the night before that. When I came to, I noticed I was asleep for 30mins. I then checked on Jake who was lying next to me but facing the other way.

My heart just melted when I saw that he was softly crying himself to sleep. Ooh... My guilt was unimaginable! Part of me felt so bad, while part of me didn't want to beat myself up because it happens to the best of us.

I hugged him snugly and made sure he was already asleep before I thought of doing something else.

Yesterday, I didn't let him take his afternoon nap. We stayed up and went to church in the afternoon for the Ash Wednesday mass. He was still up and about at 9pm, but was out by 930pm. I guess it's bye-bye pm naps for him from here on...


  1. Good bye to naps will help you and him both :)

  2. Lucky Jake. He'll miss these days when he is on his own.

  3. hi kim! oh yes, i'm sure :) he just turned 7 and by next school year, he will have classes the whole day. :D he should start getting used to it.

    hi bertN! like the way i miss my own :)


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