A Call in the Middle of the Night

by Linnor

We got home late one night after the meeting. I guess it was already about 1am when I finally got to feel sleepy. No thanks to the breweed coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf that I drank.

I thought it was only a dream but I heard the ring quite louder the second time. Who could be calling at 3am? And why on this night of all nights? I need to rest... I have to wake up at 520am to get the boys ready.

I found myself jolted awake and tried to tell Jerry his phone was ringing. It was Matt on the other line. He was having abdominal pains that wouldn't go away even after 5 trips to the toilet and a dose of Imodium. I always fear the worst, you know, and started asking questions. I was afraid he might have something that might require a visit to the hospital. No appendicitis, amoebiasis or hepatitis for Matt please. I'd take intestinal flu or LBM anytime!

We advised him to rest/sleep and just drink fluids and have crackers to soothe his digestion. And we gave him the go to call us ANYTIME he felt like it was not getting better.

Because we didn't want to take any risk and be totally helpless in case the tummy pain comes back tonight, we decided for Jerry to take an early flight to Manila to get to Matt asap (Tue instead of the booked Wednesday flight).

* Got a call within the day that Matt was feeling better and was able to attend his am and pm classes.


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