She Tried

She pleaded not to go. Pa coaxed her saying everything would be ok. The rest of us assured her that it wouldn't take long. We were all gung ho... the elder boys most especially.

I was excited at first but, admittedly, felt like backing out at the last minute just before the small mountain road got very steep. It didn't help that we were on the verge of overheating. I could smell something burning. Or was that my imagination? Oh no! Ma's fears would just be compounded!

We stopped momentarily as Jerry and I looked knowingly at each other. We were overheating! Not good. Do we proceed or not? Nobody else in the group knew what was going on and we didn't want to alarm anybody. Ma was already agitated to start with.

The steep and narrow road going up seemed to be headed nowhere and the van's temp was now on the high side. Going back down was out of the question as there was no space to maneuver. When Jerry drove on uphill, I began to murmur my prayer as I surveyed the drop on both sides of the road. Ngi.

That was the scary part. The moment we set foot on concrete ground, we totally forgot what just happened. The view before us was breathtaking on a clear afternoon.

Ma has been to Cebu countless times but she has never been to Tops, Cebu's highest peak in Busay (the city and neighboring islands can be seen from this point). We tried as many times to take her there but her fear of heights prevailed. This was her first. Though she eventually loved the place and posed for pictures, I doubt there would be a second.

Her words: "Sana iniwan nyo na lang muna ako sa casino!" (You should have left me playing in the casino!)


Zia and Jake @ Tops

Arrezas @ Tops

it doesn't look like Ma is scared of heights here...

...but this was as far as she would go


fantastic view behind


  1. Looks like a lovely place, Linnor! Should invite Kenny and Carla to take pictures there!

  2. hi cindy, yep it is an amazing place. the air there is like tagaytay's too :) magandang pang photo opp ang view :D unlike tagaytay, mas gumaganda ang tops sa gabi because of the city lights.

  3. I have the original printed pics of these shots...Ma was proud to have sent me the pics (with captions and narrations at the bacl, circa 1970s, hahaha)

    I think I wont be able to have that parang nahuhulog pic again there? As we grow older and have more responsibilities (aka Parenthood) we tend to lose our appeal to danger and adventure. Naks!

  4. di ka na kasing daring like before? me too. parang di na rin ako brave to go back there. naisama ko na rin naman si mama. mission accomplished na! hahaha.

    incidentally, that was the day i tripped on my 3 inch wedges and sprained my left ankle. up to now may discomfort pa but a lot better na.

  5. Wow you made it to the top! Even with over-heating problems? The pics are beautiful...and the family too

  6. thanks kim! we made it hehehe :)

  7. Ah man do I miss Tops! I visited the place 11 years ago. Although I was originally from Cebu, I only really got to experience the breathtaking view once :)

  8. hi grace! another visit to cebu/tops is in order then. hehehe :D thanks for dropping by!


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