Since getting married, we have moved quite a number of times without renting. We lived seven plus years with my mother-in-law, then another seven plus years on our own in a condo. And now, we are on our 3rd year in a townhouse.

The condo has already been sold for a good margin. That one plus the townhouse we currently live in were bought with our hard-earned funds. Like I mentioned, we saved our rent money :). Because we put in a lot of our savings and monthly income to our home, we always weigh our options in getting the best deals when it comes to housing loans, construction or renovation costs, finishing touches or furnishings.

Now with a new project that is already more than a year in the making, we are excited at the prospect of moving to a bigger space. The house (yes, it is a house this time) is already built but the contractors are now installing fixtures like the bedroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, pantry cabinet, sink, cook top, rangehood, and the provision for a regular ref (I suddenly remembered how we tried to fit in a mini fridge in our room in my MIL's place). Taking our time are questions like: Are we going to put a wine glass rack somewhere? Do we install fascia or open shelves instead? Etcetera.

I am excited to fill the kitchen with essentials (small appliances and thingamagigs like bread slicer, hehehe). And Jerry is amused at all these kitchen talk because I don't cook at all! But then again, with a complete kitchen, who knows what I might just whip up... someday?


  1. Congrats! So happy that you are getting a home.

  2. thanks! we can't wait to move. :D

  3. Cant see it, but pictures are always going to bring me closer to your house. Maybe, just being fastidious, but you are already home with Jerry and the kids...wherever your family is - Cebu or in Manila traffic...

  4. no pics yet as i want to post a reveal soon. pretty much like how tv makeovers do it. lol. :)


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